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See how easy

It is to assemble

Ultra simple

To install

It only takes a few seconds
to set up the LAMá®

No physical effort or
complicated instructions.

Foldable, therefore

Easily portable

Because it can be easily
folded away, the LAMá®
benefits from a very small

It allows significant logistical
benefits, regardless of its
configuration. This makes it a
POS display system which is also
kind to the environment.


As required

Our LAMás® can be
assembled and reconfigured
as required.

Modules can be created in
countless combinations.


& the environment

The LAMá®: an ecological product by nature

Due to its design the LAMá® exhibits clear ecological virtues:

  • The components are made of paper, cartboard and natural latex: they are easy to sort and recible.
  • The cardboard used in its production is of PEFC-certified origin.
  • Its foldability and small footprint provide logistical advantages which keep transportation emissions to a minimum.

Objective 100% reciclable LAMá®

Our research and Development Department is continually testing new raw materials, especially in relation to the surface coating of the printed cardboard. Inks, laminates, varnishes and glues are studied in order to arrive at LAMá® which is as neutral as possible for the environment.